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Frankie's Apprenticeship Story

16 Jan

Frankie is a 26 year old former Royal Marine. He joined the TP Management Apprenticeship scheme in September 2015, after a stint installing wood-burning stoves.

Frankie is currently working in the Tool Hire department at TP Padholme Road in Peterborough.

“I was a TP customer in my last job, so I was intrigued by what the Management Apprenticeship scheme had to offer. I researched the scheme online at the TP website and instantly thought this was the perfect opportunity to progress my career in the building trade. As a FTSE 100 company, the TP Group is going from strength and I was keen to be a part of their success.

After phone and face to face interviews, I was delighted to be offered an apprenticeship at TP Padholme Road. I started out by familiarising myself with the vast product range and learning about Health & Safety procedures, which we call Stay Safe. Within a few weeks, I found myself representing our Tool Hire department at a local trade show, which raised money for charity as well as promoting TP – definitely one of the highlights of my apprenticeship so far.

I’ve had lots of training, including personal development, people management, and maintenance and servicing courses for our hire fleet. I’ve also been on a sales course, which I found very interesting as I had no real sales experience before joining TP. Driving sales is still one of my biggest challenges as it’s right out of my comfort zone, but it can also be hugely rewarding, like when I won £2,000 worth of business for Tool Hire.

As well as learning new skills, I’ve also learned a lot about myself since joining the scheme. This has really helped me improve my existing relationships at TP, and forge new and successful partnerships with our customers and suppliers. One of the best things about the job is definitely the variety. I could be washing down a digger one minute and dealing with sales calls in the office the next!

I’ve worked on all kinds of projects, from installing safety equipment in the yard to creating and maintaining sales ledgers for new accounts. My responsibilities have included branch Stay Safe meetings, looking after Tool Hire invoicing and ensuring admin compliance. I’m also branch Charity Champion and have helped raised over £180 for our charity partners.

After my apprenticeship, I’d like to move into a Tool Hire Manager or equivalent role within the Group. After that, who knows, as the sky’s the limit with TP! To anyone looking to apply, I would say the Management Apprenticeship scheme is a fantastic opportunity to build a successful career, with TP and your colleagues supporting you every step of the way.”

Frankie has moved on from the Group since writing this article. We thank them for their contributions during their time with Travis Perkins and wish them the best of luck in their future career.

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